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Math Olympiads

What is Math Olympiads?

Math Olympiads was created in 1977 by Dr. George Lenchner, an internationally known math educator.  It went public in 1979. Last year nearly 170,000 students from about 6,000 teams on 6 continents participated in the Olympiads. All 50 states and 39 other countries were represented.

Goals of Math Olympiads

  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
  • To introduce important Mathematical concepts
  • To teach major strategies for problem solving
  • To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems
  • To strengthen Mathematical intuition
  • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
  • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

Bristow Math Olympiads

This is a problem solving club where the Bristow scholars practice problem solving strategies and compete with other schools around the world on timed tests.